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The Basics Of Blackjack - Blackjack Rules

If you are new to the game of Blackjack we will, on this page give you the basics of playing Blackjack. The game is very easy to understand and master and in no time at all you could be hitting the Blackjack tables.

The first thing you need to understand is that there are a great many different Blackjack games available, and each one plays to a different set of rules. We will look at Classic Blackjack as that is one of the easiest games to understand.

This game uses just one set of playing cards and all 52 cards are in the deck, with no jokers or wild cards. Once a game has been completed then all the cards in the deck are fully shuffled.

The aim of the game of Blackjack is to simply get a better hand than the Dealer. You cannot go over a total of 21 with your hand and neither can the Dealer.

To begin a game of Blackjack you need to place your chips in the betting box which is directly in front of you on the Blackjack table layout. If you are playing in a landbased venue and you haven't any chips simply place your bank notes onto the table in front of you and the Dealer will change these for chips.

Once you and any other players have all placed your chips down the Dealer will then deal everyone including himself two cards.

The Dealer will then go around the table asking each player in turn whether they wish to Stick, Hit or Double their initial bet, you may also get offered Insurance or you may wish to Split your hand.

You can Hit on any number of cards and this simply means that the Dealer will give you another card, Hitting a hand is free and as such you are not charged for taking any extra cards. If you think your initial two cards are good enough then you can Stick (or as it is also known Stand) this means you are not dealt any further cards.

In the Classic game of Blackjack you are allowed to "Double Down" this means if you have been dealt your initial two cards and they add upto 9, 10 or 11 then you can buy a further card. This will cost you the exact amount of your initial stake, and one more card will be given to you.

If you have two matching cards I.E. 2x 9's you can Split these cards into two separate hands, this will mean you have to place another bet equal to your initial stake onto the new hand and then the Dealer will Split the two cards and deal another card to each.

If the Dealer is showing an Ace on his upturned card you can take what is called Insurance. This bet costs half of your initial stake and you are betting that the Dealer has a Blackjack, which is an Ace and any card worth Ten in value.

Once the Dealer has dealt everyones cards he will then play his hand, he must stand as soon as his hand is 17 or greater in total.

If your hand totals more than the Dealers you will win and be paid out at Even money (1-1), if you win your insurance bet you get paid out at odds of 2-1. Should you get a Blackjack then you will win and be paid out at odds of 3-2.

Knowing when to Split, Hit and Double Down is paramount to you having a successful Blackjack session and to help you make the correct betting move we have placed Blackjack Strategy cards on the vast majority of the website pages, these tell you how to handle every hand you are dealt.

You will also find full rules on how every single game of Blackjack works, as some games allow you to only Double on certain hands and some even allow you to surrender your hand should you have little of no chance of winning.

Take a good look around our Blackjack Rules website and use all the information to help you not only improve your Blackjack play but also help you find your perfect game.

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