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Blackjack Card Values - Blackjack Rules

An Ace is worth either One or Eleven, most Blackjack games allow you to Split Aces however you usually will only get dealt one card to split Aces.

A Two often called a Deuce is worth its face value ie. Two, a tricky card to deal with but one that offers plenty of chances when playing Blackjack.

Getting dealt a three means it is worth its face value that is three, check out all of the strategy cards for the best ways to play this card.

You may have guessed a Four is worth just that and should you get dealt a pair of fours in Blackjack Switch the only way to play them is to Hit them.

A Five is a Five and no matter how you look at it it's one of the nastiest little cards you can get dealt, unless you get a pair of them which makes your hand much stronger.

When you are sat looking at a Six which is worth of course Six, it hasn't many "get out" cards that can help you, so get hoping that the Dealer gives you a five also.

A Seven is worth Seven and is one of the better mid ranged cards that you can be dealt in any variant of Blackjack, learn how to deal with a Seven and you'll be OK.

Not one of the worst cards you can get but being worth Eight in value it can be tricky when you get dealt a pair of them, should you Split or should you Hit?

Nine being worth its face value of Nine can be a very strong card but always follow the correct stratgey for playing it as a wrong decision will cost you.

A Ten, Jack, Queen or a King are all worth Ten. They are the best cards to get when playing Blackjack. Never ever split them though as good strategy say don't.

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