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Blackjack Comps - Get Rewarded For All Your Real Money Action

Playing Blackjack for real money either online or offline in land based casinos will, in most cases qualify you to be "comped" for every hand you play. This simply means you will be given cash or perks based on your level of play.

In a land based casino this often means you will get free meals in the casinos' restaurants. or even free hotel rooms. Should your level of play be deemed high enough the casino can and will pay for your flights to and from the casino.

So as you can see these comps are well worth claiming and the first thing you should do before you sit down and play is get yourself registered for the casinos comp club, then when you visit the Blackjack table simply present your membership card to the Dealer who will then alert the Pit Boss to log your Blackjack action.

Playing online means you will get exactly the right amount of comps for all your Blackjack gameplay, so everytime you log into your chosen casino you know you are earning comps on every hand that is dealt to you.

Riverbelle Casino - Blackjack Comps

One online site that offers all real money players an excellent Blackjack comps scheme is Royal Vegas Casino. They use Microgaming casino software that gives players the widest choice of Blackjack games.

You can play single hand Blackjack or Multi-hand Blackjack all from the comfort of your own home and with stakes as low as $1 per hand upto a maximum of $200 per hand you will find a game that suits your gaming budget.

They offer all real money players a "one size fits all" comp club and they give you a certain amount of comp points for playing any of their games

For every 10 credits in total you play you will earn the points listed below and save up 200 comp point and then you can exchange them for one casino credit.

Casino credits are simply the currency value of the chips you are playing at the casino with, this can be Euros or Dollars.

Earning Blackjack Comps

All the Blackjack games earn you one comp point for every 10 credits you wager, so if you like your Blackjack and wish to get rewarded for all your real money action visit the Royal Vegas Casino website for full details of how you can claim the very best Blackjack comps everytime you play online.

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