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Blackjack Strategy - Blackjack Rules

There is much more to playing Blackjack than first meets the eye, a truly skilled and knowledgeable player will, over the long term get much better returns than a novice player.

Any form of gambling should be looked upon as a form of entertainment, but with Blackjack you do stand a sporting chance of ending your session in profit if you know how to play.

The first thing any player should do is to fully learn the rules of the Blackjack game they are wanting to play and then get themselves a strategy card.

A strategy card, like the one we have for Super Fun 21 on the right hand side of this page, will show you how to deal with every eventuality.

Using such a card is perfectly legal and you won't be run out of town should you be using one in a landbased casino, in fact most casinos sell them or even give them away to players.

Once you are aware of the rules of Blackjack and have armed yourself with a strategy card then you are half way there to becoming a better Blackjack player.

A good Blackjack strategy will dictate that you get the maximum value out of each wager you make at the Blackjack table, so another thing you need to do when either playing online Blackjack or indeed at a land based casino is to join the casinos comp club.

These comp clubs will reward you with free cash based on your level of play and by joining one you then start to hack away at and reduce the casinos house edge, there is never a valid excuse not to claim these comps so make sure you do.

Also if you are in Vegas lookout for special coupons that allow you to get extra bonuses or money match offers for playing Blackjack, once again these will help you get the absolute maximum value from all your Blackjack play.

Next you need to set yourself a Money Management system, this isn't as complicated as it sounds and simply means you set aside an amount of money to play Blackjack with.

You then decide a figure you are prepared to lose, and also a figure you want to win, the art to a good money management system is stopping once you reach these preset limits.

Be realistic when setting a winning goal, and once you reach it stop playing and enjoy your winnings.

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