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Blackjack Terminology - Blackjack Rules

Below are the most common terms that are used in the game of Blackjack

21 - This simply means what it is, twenty one, and when playing blackjack this is the highest valued hand you can have, get more than 21 and you have bust.

Blackjack - This is the best hand you can have and that hand will contain an Ace and a Ten valued card. A Blackjack hand cannot be beaten but it can be matched.

Bust - This is when your hand exceeds a total of 21, when it does you have sadly automatically lost that hand of Blackjack.

Denomination - This is simply the face value of the cards. An Ace being One or Eleven, A King, Queen Jack are worth Ten and all remaining cards are worth their respective values.

Double Down - This is when you double your initial wager on a hand of Blackjack and by doing so you will be dealt a further card. You should only make this manoeuvre when the Blackjack strategy dictates.

Hit - This is when you ask for another card to be dealt to your hand, Hitting is a free option and costs you nothing.

Hole Card - When a Dealer deals his own hand one of the cards is face up and the other is face down the latter card I.E. the face down one is called the Hole Card

Insurance - This is an optional side bet you make when the Dealers is showing an Ace on their face up card, this bet will be successful only if the Dealer has a Blackjack. An Insurance bet will cost you exactly half of your initial stake.

Push - This is a tie bet and means that both you and the Dealer have the same hand in such circumstances no one wins and your stakes are returned.

Split - If you are dealt two alike cards you can separate them into two new hands, but you will have to place another bet of the same value as your initial bet.

Stand - This basically means you wish to stick on the hand you have and get dealt no further cards.

Surrender - You will lose half your stake but when you surrender you will be removed from that hand of Blackjack. There is a Late Surrender option and in some cases an Early Surrender option.

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