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Rules On Doubling Down - Blackjack Rules

If you have ever watched a Blackjack table in full flow you will notice that at times players will double the initial wager and get dealt another card to their hand.

This simply means they are Doubling Down, and by doing so you are in effect buying another card and doubling your initial stake on that hand.

This, when done correctly, can put you in a great playing position and will enable you to win twice as much as usual, but only if you do it at the right time.

On the left hand side of this page we have our menu that lists all the Blackjack games that can be played online and offline so check through them and you will find which games permit you to Double Down.

Some games don't permit it, some will allow you to Double Down only when you have 9, 10 or 11 and some will allow you to Double Down on any hand you may be holding.

As always we have placed a Blackjack strategy card on each page that clearly shows you when you should Double and make sure when you next play you only Double Down when the card dictates you make this move.

If you like the idea of Doubling Down then one of the best Blackjack games to play is Spanish Blackjack, the strategy card is there on the right hand side of this webpage and we shall now take a quick look at when and where you can Double Down when playing it

In Spanish Blackjack you can Double Down on any number of cards and you can also Re-Double Down just once. You can Surrender after Doubling Down and Double Down after a Split is also allowed

One often made mistake novice Blackjack players make when playing Spanish Blackjack is that they will Double Down when they have a Pair of 5's this is the correct make to move unless the Dealer has a 9, 10 or 11, in such circumstances you should Hit the Pair of 5's and not Double Down.

Practice makes perfect so get yourself over to our top rated Blackjack site that is Royal Vegas Casino and get yourself a guest account, by doing so you can play any or all of their range of Microgaming Blackjack games for free.

Should you prefer to put your skills to the ultimate test then you can also play in real money mode, they accept Dollars and Euros so no matter what your home currency is you will find it here.

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