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European Blackjack - Blackjack Rules

One of our personal favorite Blackjack variants is European Blackjack, probably due to us being in Europe and growing up playing this game. The game is very easy to learn and should you wish to give it a few tries then there is no better site to play at online than Royal Vegas Casino who offer the game in free-play mode to allow you to get to grips with how it works.

Before you rush to play it though spend a little time reading up on the rules, to save you looking around for them we have compiled the European Blackjack rules guide below.

To help you make the correct moves when playing European Blackjack on the right hand side you will see our basic blackjack strategy card for this game, and by following it you will always be making the correct game play.

So let us begin looking at the rules of European Blackjack, to begin with the game we are featuring uses just two decks of playing cards, all cards are used in the deck so there is 104 cards in the shoe.

The Dealer will never peek at his hand so it is not a Hole Card game.

If you have been dealt two cards that total 9, 10 or 11 then you may Double Down.

If you decide to Split a hand then you can only Split it once, and by doing so you will be playing two separate hands of Blackjack.

At all times the Dealer will Stand on 17.

If you decide to Split a Pair of Aces then you can be dealt multiple cards to each Ace

If an Ace is dealt a Ten valued card then this is not classed as a Blackjack but simply a 21 hand.

Ten cards that are a like may be Split but unalike Ten valued cards cannot be Split.

Another Blackjack site we highly recommend is The Gaming Club, who have dozens of Blackjack games in their gaming suite, including European Blackjack.

They are one of the best sites for European Blackjack players and as such they permit real money users to play in their home currency.

Blackjack comps are earned on every real money Blackjack wager you make and these can be turned into real money chips once you have saved enough of them up.

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