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Bonus Blackjack - Blackjack Rules

One of the latest Blackjack Variants to hit the web is Microgamings Bonus Blackjack and this game can be found with-in the gaming suite of our number one Blackjack site Royal Vegas Casino who will allow you to play for free or for real money

The main appeal of Bonus Blackjack is that there is an optional side bet that players can make, and by placing this bet you stand the chance of getting bonus payouts should you get certain hands dealt to you.

The Bonus payouts are as follows:

Jack and Ace of Spades pays 50-1
Jack and Ace suited pays 25-1
Any 2 suited cards pays 5-2

The bonus pays out on your first two dealt cards only

To help you get a full understanding of the Bonus Blackjack game below are a definitive list of the Bonus Blackjack game rules.

The game of Bonus Blackjack is a Hole Card game

Being a Hole Card game means that the Dealer will always take a peek at his face down card when his up facing card is a Ten valued card or an Ace

This version of Bonus Blackjack is played with just two complete decks of cards.

When the Dealer has a Soft 17 he must always Hit the hand

You can Double Down your initial wager on any two cards that you have been dealt.

If you opted to Split any cards then you may also Double Down after the Split.

You can Split hands upto 3 times thus by doing this you will end up playing 4 separate hands of Blackjack.

A pair of Aces may be Split but just once

If you have split a Pair of Aces then just one other card will be dealt to each one

If a Ten valued card is dealt to any of your Split Aces then you haven't got a Blackjack you have a 21

All Ten valued cards, alike and unalike may also be Split

You are not forced to place a Bonus Bet as this is completely optional and has no effect on the base game

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