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Pontoon - Blackjack Rules

You have probably played the game of Pontoon at one time or another, its a very simple game and you can play it at any Microgaming powered online casino

One site we highly recommend is Royal Vegas Casino who offer a fully downloadable gaming suite that includes not only Pontoon but dozens of other Blackjack variants.

You can set up a guest account at this Blackjack site and then by doing so you can play for free anytime you choose.

Now, let's take a look at the rules of playing Pontoon, this shouldn't take too long as they are very easy!

The game of Pontoon that is played online at any of Microgamings 120+ online casinos uses 8 full decks of cards

To get a Pontoon you simply have to get an Ace and any Ten point cards, a Pontoon can also be made should you have split your cards.

If you get a Five Card Trick, even after Splitting then you will be paid out at odds of 2-1

A Pontoon however, will always beat a Five Card Trick, as the Pontoon hand is deemed the strongest.

The rules of Pontoon dictate that a Player must Twist on all hands worth less than fifteen and not a Five Card Trick, so keep that in mind when playing

The Dealer will be dealt two face down cards, and he will always peek at his cards to see if he has made up a Pontoon hand

At all times the Dealer will always Stick on all hands worth 17 or higher

You are permitted to buy any two, three or four cards but only once per hand. You may also Buy a card after you have Split a hand

You may also Split two times and that will mean you are playing with the maximum three hands. Just one card will be dealt to Aces that have been Split

So there you have it the full rules of playing Pontoon, it really is an age old classic game and you should give it a try soon as we feel it is one of the easiest games to master.

Remember this is just one of the many versions of Blackjack available so have a look at the others explained on or menu to find the version you like best.

European residents are invited to try out the Pontoon games on offer at The Gaming Club.Their software is quick to download and you can of course play for free with no obligation to play for real money.

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