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Single Deck Blackjack - Blackjack Rules

A lot of Blackjack players prefer to play with just one deck of cards, and our next reviewed Blackjack game which is Single Deck Blackjack will appeal to the majority of players looking for an excellent and easy to master Blackjack game.

This game can be found in only a few landbased casinos but thanks to the internet you can now play over at one of the best sites on the web and that Blackjack venue is Royal Vegas Casino.

They offer all their Blackjack games in free-play mode so if you want to test drive this or any other Blackjack game then download their software and get yourself registered as a guest player.

Now as you may have guessed Single Deck Blackjack utilizes just one full deck of playing cards and the game is a Hole Card Game, so expect the dealer to check for Blackjack when he is showing an Ace or a Ten.

The Dealer is forced via the rules of the game to always Hit a Soft 17.

You can Double Down but only if you have a 9, 10 or 11, and you may not Double Down after a Split. You can only Split a hand once and therefore you will be playing two separate hand should you choose this option.

Splitting a pair of Aces will mean that only one card will be dealt to each Ace, and should you get any Ten valued card dealt to either or both Aces then it will be classed not as a Blackjack but simply as a 21.

On the right hand side of this page you will see the best basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Single Deck Blackjack at any of our featured Microgaming sites, by following the strategy you will lower the house edge to the absolute minimum.

The screenshot shows the Gold Series version of Single Deck Blackjack, this has enhanced graphics and sounds, navigation of the game is first class and you really will be impressed with the game play, give it a shot in free-play mode and learn how the game operates.

The payouts for Single Deck Blackjack are fairly standard and should you get dealt a Blackjack then expect a payout of 3-2, a standard win (anything but a Blackjack) will be paid out at odds of 1-1 (even money). Winning an Insurance bet will get you paid out at 2-1

The Gaming Club is our preferred online site for all European Blackjack players.

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