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Splitting Hands - Blackjack Rules

Splitting hands when playing Blackjack can increase your chances of winning and can also, when done correctly help you reduce the house edge of whichever Blackjack game you have chosen to play.

But you should only split hands when it is wise to do so, an often made mistake for novice players is to spilt any old hand, and this is a sure fire way to the soup kitchen! Only split your hand when perfect strategy dictates.

Below we have a definitive guide to the rules pertaining to splitting on all the Blackjack games that can be found with-in Microgamings suite of games and these can be found at any of our featured casinos.

There is much more to playing Blackjack than just splitting hands, so make sure you checkout our entire website and arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible to help improve your Blackjack game play.

Splitting Hands

The following Blackjack games allow you to split, split after a double and re-split 2 times:

Atlantic City Blackjack - Big 5 Blackjack - Bonus Blackjack - Double Exposure BlackJack - Spanish 21 BlackJack - Vegas Downtown Blackjack - Vegas Strip BlackJack - Spanish BlackJack

The following Blackjack games allow you to split, but no split allowed after a split and you cannot re-split:

European BlackJack - Triple Sevens - Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

Pontoon Gold permits you to split, split after a Double and re-split just one time

Learn To Split Hands

You don't need us to tell you that practice makes perfect, so when you are mastering the game of Blackjack and the many different splitting decisions it is best to get as much experience under your belt as possible.

Royal Vegas Casino will allow you to download their Blackjack suite of games and play for free to allow you to get as much practice as you need, visit their website and hit those free-play tables today.

We have Blackjack strategy cards for every Blackjack game so make sure you print one off and always refer to it when playing, that way you will always know the correct move to make at the Blackjack table.

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