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Vegas Strip Blackjack - Blackjack Rules

This Blackjack variant can be found in casinos up and down the Las Vegas Strip, and now, thanks to Microgaming you can log on and play Vegas Strip Blackjack anywhere. No air fares, no hotel bills just fast and furious Blackjack action.

Vegas Strip Blackjack is just one of dozens of Blackjack games that can be found with-in the gaming suite of Royal Vegas Casino and to help you get to grips with how the game plays we shall now delve a little deeper into the game rules.

The rules refer to Microgamings excellent Vegas Strip Blackjack game which can be played for free or should you prefer real money at any of our featured Blackjack sites.

The game is a Hole card game, if you are unsure what this means we'll tell you! The Dealer is always dealt two cards one of them is face down and the other is face up, the Hole Card is the one that faces down, there you are that was easy to learn wasn't it!

If the Dealers up card is a Ten valued card or indeed an Ace then he will peak at his Hole Card to check for Blackjack, if he has a Blackjack then he will reveal it and the game will end.

Microgamings version of Vegas Strip Blackjack uses just four full decks of playing cards.

The rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack dictate that the Dealer will always stand when he has any 17, Hard or Soft 17 it doesn't matter he will always stand.

Players get some of the best Blackjack rules playing this variant of Blackjack and these are, that you can Double Down on any two cards. You are also allowed to Double Down after you have split your cards.

You can also Split upto three times and by doing so will mean you are playing a maximum of four separate hands. It should be pointed out however that Aces can only be Split once, and when you have Split Aces only one card will be dealt to each.

If you Split Aces and a Ten valued card is dealt to either or both of them then this is not classed as a Blackjack is it simply a 21 hand.

You may also, should you wish Split unlike Ten cards as well as matching Ten valued cards.

If the above review has got you itching to play Vegas Strip Blackjack then how about trying it at one of the most established of all Microgaming powered casinos, that venue being The Gaming Club, you can play for free or for real via their download software.

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